Rawle’s Reports

Rawle’s Reports, Volume 14, Number 6



Carl D. Buchholz, III, Chair of the Firm’s Appellate and Maritime sections, has been appointed Chair of the Disciplinary Board of Pennsylvania by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The Disciplinary Board is comprised of thirteen members, including eleven attorneys. In addition to assisting the Supreme Court with the licensing and discipline of attorneys in Pennsylvania, the Board also meets regularly to decide cases, policies and personnel matters. As Chair, he will concentrate on disciplining attorney misconduct that involves the practice of law, and work to assure the public that attorney misconduct will not be tolerated. Carl has prior experience in addressing ethical issues involving lawyers, having served on the Supreme Court’s Client Security Fund Committee as both Board member and Chairman. The Client Security Fund reimburses clients whose lawyers embezzled their clients’ funds.

For more information, contact Carl at: 215 575-4235 • cbuchholz@rawle.com


John C. McMeekin II, a partner in Rawle & Henderson’s Philadelphia office, has been elected Section Revenue Officer-Elect of the American Bar Association Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section (ABA TIPS), effective August 2010. John is also Chair-Elect of the International Law Committee and Chair-Elect of the CLE Board. He is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, as well as the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

For more information, contact John at: 215.575.4234 • jmcmeekin@rawle.com


Fred B. Buck, a partner in Rawle & Henderson’s Philadelphia office, was a speaker at NBI’s “Litigating to Win Through Advanced Trial Advocacy” on March 24, 2010. This advanced-level trial advocacy seminar was designed for experienced civil litigators. Fred’s presentations included: Opening Statement- Setting the Stage for a Successful Verdict; Direct Examination - A Building Block for your Case’s Foundation; Comprehensive Cross Examination; and Ethical Consideration.

For a copy of the presentation, contact Fred at: 215.575.4317 • fbuck@rawle.com


Valerie Kellner was the Editor for the Spring 2010 Issue of the Products, General Liability and Consumer Law Committee Newsletter for the ABA. As the Editor of this edition, Valerie’s responsibilities included soliciting and obtaining articles, working with the writers, editing articles and submitting the final newsletter to the ABA for publication.

Valerie serves as the Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Products, General Liability and Consumer Law General Committee and the Newsletter Chairperson for ABA-TIPS Section Products, General Liability and Consumer Law Committee.

For a copy of the newsletter, contact Valerie at: 215.575.4292 • vkellner@rawle.com


Timothy J. Abeel, Chair of Rawle & Henderson’s Commercial Motor Vehicle group, is a founding member of the newly formed American College of Transportation Attorneys (ACTA). ACTA is a nonprofit association comprised of 25 nationally known transportation attorneys who have extensive experience defending the trucking industry with regulatory and litigation issues. ACTA will provide motor carriers with assistance at no expense on a variety of issues that affect the trucking industry on a regular basis.

For more information visit www.actalawgroup.com or contact Tim at: 215.575.4280 • tabeel@rawle.com


Gary N. Stewart, a partner in Rawle & Henderson’s Harrisburg office, and Maureen E. Daley, a partner in our Philadelphia office, presented a seminar to Gallagher Bassett Services entitled “Navigating the Commercial Motor Vehicle Case: From Investigation through Trial.” The presentation addressed emergency response to accidents, adherence to federal guidelines on employment qualification file, testing and accident reporting, proper techniques for preservation of evidence and identification of potential third parties.

For a copy of the presentation, contact: Gary at 717.234.7730 • gstewart@rawle.com or
Maureen at 215.575.4293 • mdaley@rawle.com