RAWLE & HENDERSON LLP has a lengthy history of defending business and property owners in the area of premises liability. The Firm serves clients ranging from local and national operators of management companies to hospitality and service entities, including municipalities, restaurants, retail stores, places of worship, stadiums, hospitals and nursing homes.

The cases within the scope of this practice involve practically every type of tort, including construction defects, “owner out of possession” responsibility, trivial defects, and improper maintenance and repair of the premises. RAWLE & HENDERSON LLP is well equipped to address contractual or common law indemnification disputes and seek recovery from responsible parties on behalf of our clients.

The Firm is staffed and equipped to handle any size case in this field, and give it the attention it needs.

Many premises liability suits are resolved by settlement. A number of clients see RAWLE & HENDERSON LLP, however, as the Firm they wish to use for cases that are not likely settlement candidates and whose resolution must come from the most time-honored arbiter in the legal system—the jury. We are experienced in these types of cases and the challenges they present.


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Pennsylvania: Premises Liability—Summary Judgment Granted in Slip and Fall


The Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas entered Summary Judgment in favor of an apartment complex and its management company represented by Rawle & Henderson LLP. The facts of the premises liability case raised issues directly involving the legal defense known as the “Hills and Ridges” doctrine.

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