At RAWLE & HENDERSON LLP our attorneys defend both personal injury and property damage claims arising out of the construction process. They are experienced in the law as well as actual construction techniques since several have backgrounds in the building industry. This allows for a comprehensive defense of owners, developers, trade contractors, construction managers, architects and design and engineering professionals.

RAWLE & HENDERSON lawyers are well versed in the complex contractual provisions for indemnity and insurance obligations flowing amongst owners, general contractors, prime contractors and subcontractors. These contract issues frequently require initiation or defense of declaratory judgment actions to define these obligations.

The Firm’s attorneys are also well versed in the legal defenses available in construction-related litigation and regularly develop strategies in such areas as worker’s compensation immunity for employers, the statutory employer defense for general contractors and the peculiar risk exception to the rule of non-liability for a property owner for general contractor’s activities.

For all phases of construction, RAWLE & HENDERSON can provide experienced assistance and advice.

Representative Cases

  • Meridian Fire Litigation
  • Negligent Supervision Claims
  • Defense of Defective Workmanship Claims
  • Premises Liability
  • Declaratory Judgment Actions
  • Indemnification


Rawle’s Reports, Nov. 2019: New York—Rawle & Henderson LLP Obtains Dismissal for Contractor

NEW YORK: CONSTRUCTION - Rawle & Henderson LLP Obtains Dismissal for Contractor, by Anthony D. Luis and Gabriel A. Arevalo.


Rawle’s Reports, December 2014: Pennsylvania, Construction—Defense Award

Pennsylvania: Construction—Defense Award. By Daniel J. Rucket. Daniel J. Rucket, a partner in the Philadelphia office of Rawle & Henderson LLP, received a defense award at a binding arbitration in a construction accident case venued in Philadelphia County.


Rawle’s Reports, Volume 17, Number 2

In February 2008, masonry restoration contractor Kevin Waggle began underpinning the basement party wall of a home in historic Old City Philadelphia as part of a basement renovation project. Underpinning is a process of digging and filling pockets underneath the brick wall of the home and filling them with concrete after lowering the floor to provide structural support for the wall.


Pennsylvania: Inadequate expert report results in non-suit in property damage case

In February 2008, masonry contractor Kevin Waggle began underpinning the basement party wall of a home in Old City Philadelphia. After excavating part of the basement floor, Waggle began digging underpinning pockets. The same day he started the first three pockets, the neighboring property owner had his own contractor remove sidewalk bricks and concrete in front of his home using a jackhammer and sledgehammer.


Rawle’s Reports, Volume 16, Number 7

Rawle & Henderson LLP is proud to announce that 14 attorneys were named 2012 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers by Law & Politics.


Construction Law, August 2008: Tough Days for Stucco-Clad McMansions

During the housing boom in the late 1990s and early this century, there was a proliferation of new construction of large, luxury stucco homes, often called “McMansions.”


News & Events

New York: Construction—Dismissal for Contractor, Supreme Court, Westchester County


A judge recently granted our motion seeking a dismissal of all claims in favor of our client, the third-party defendant contractor, in a case venued in Supreme Court, Westchester County.

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Delaware: Construction—Daubert Motion to Exclude Expert Testimony Granted


In this action, the Third Party Plaintiff, a General Contractor who had been sued by a group of residential homeowners for water damage, alleged that Rawle & Henderson LLP’s client, a subcontractor, failed to notice and report a defect in the weatherproofing elements of a deck prior to laying the cast stone coping over the top.

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Pennsylvania: Construction: Inadequate Expert Report Results In Non-Suit, PCCP


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2011 Super Lawyers


2011 Super Lawyers, 07/21/11. Rawle & Henderson LLP is proud to announce that 15 attorneys were named 2011 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers by Law & Politics.

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