Falk to participate at ABA Toxic Tort Seminar



Arizona Biltmore


Eric K. Falk, partner in the firm’s Pittsburgh office, will chair the Benzene Mock Trial Panel at the 2012 ABA Toxic Tort Seminar on March 30-31 in Phoenix, Arizona.  The panel will present a mock mini-trial of a benzene/solvent exposure toxic tort case. 

Mr. Falk is currently a Vice Chair of the ABA Toxic Tort and Environmental Law Committee and is a past chair of the DRI Industrywide Litigation Committee. He has concentrated his practice in the area of toxic tort litigation since 1988, defending both Fortune 500 companies and regional businesses against allegations of various diseases due to exposures to asbestos, silica, coal tar pitch and coal tar pitch volatiles, and a variety of chemicals and solvents, including benzene, toluene, xylene, isocyanates and various other aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.